How Portea plays a role in the lives of cancer patients?

Porteas role in cancer patients
(Last Updated On: September 27, 2017)

February 4th – World Cancer Day is observed on 4th of Feb, every year to spread awareness about cancer, its prevention, detection and treatment. Founded by the UICC, this day is based on the primary objective to reduce the number of deaths caused by cancer by 2020. This day, the world’s population come together to fight against cancer.

We at Portea, support the idea behind World Cancer Day. We work towards cancer prevention, detection, treatment and palliation. Portea, in its own unique way, plays a significant role in the lives of cancer patients, with all interventions done at home.

Portea’s significant role in oncology in-home care services broadly include: Home visits, Symptom management, Supportive Care, Post Operation Care and Palliative Care.

1. General Home visits – During cancer treatment, patient need to go through various assessments and visits to the doctor. Portea helps one to cut hospital visits for routine checkup. Services provided are temperature, pulse, Blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation measurements recorded in the comfort of patients’ homes.

2. Symptom management: Symptoms arising out of cancer or because of its treatments can be distressing. We administer anti-vomiting medications, wound management, pain medications to name a few. We also give IV hydration fluids at home too.

3. Supportive Care – We help patients with management of Stoma (colostomy, tracheostomy), Catheter care, feeding tube management, suctioning and home oxygen administration.

4. Drug Therapy – We deliver and administer supportive oncology drugs both oral and IV. Simple chemotherapy medications both tablets and injections are conveniently given at home by our experienced staff.

5. Post Operation Care – After a major cancer surgery, our team help with surgical dressings, naso gastric feeding, drain care management, suture and clip removal, post op physiotherapy, nursing care and injections if advised, after operation.

6. Palliative Care – Our palliative care for cancer patients is designed to not just provide medical care but moral support to the patients. We take care of patients’ basic needs and help them with medications and mobility. Our experienced Nursing attendants are available for this care round the clock!

The Portea team serves the role of the optimum home care while connecting with the treating oncologist during and after cancer treatment. We understand how challenging it is to fight cancer and try our best to make it as comfortable as possible. To know more about Portea’s in-home cancer care program, do call us at 1800 121 2323.

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