This World Alzheimer’s Day, change the life of a patient with Portea

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2016)

This #WorldAlzheimersDay, Portea and Milaap want to help out those living with the condition. Alzheimer’s might not be curable, but the lives of the patients can always be made comfortable with their dignity intact. That’s what Hope – Ek Asha (HEA) tries to do every day – helping the caregivers do their best for their loved ones.

HEA is a day care centre for Alzheimer’s patients founded by Dr. Sushma Chawla. She was deeply troubled when her mother showed signs of dementia and had a person experience with the disease. After her mother passed away, she started taking care of other Alzheimer’s patients and in the year 2001, founded HEA. At HEA, patients are picked up from their home and dropped back in the evening before the sun set. At the centre a structured activity programme is followed where the patients are involved in brain-stimulating activities and group entertainments in order to keep them safe and active. Proper counselling for the caregivers by the clinical psychologists is also conducted. HEA is a place for support and respite to the caregiver.

Portea provides caregiving and medical assistance for many suffering Alzheimer’s disease at their homes and while we continue to do that, this year in association with Milaap, we want to bring some positive difference in the lives of the Alzheimer’s patients in HEA.

We are asking everyone to do their bit by donating some amount to HEA. Donate any amount and Portea in return, will double the total contribution towards the cause.

3 Convincing Reasons for You to Help

  1. Gives you the happiness of helping someone in need
  2. You become part of a larger cause of bringing light in the lives of Alzheimer’s patients
  3. Your donations are tax deductible

3 Simple Ways to Help

  1. Visit:
  2. Make a donation
  3. Share it on Facebook & Twitter and share the love

So what are you waiting for? Come join Portea. Let’s together bring some positive change in the lives of Alzheimer’s patients. #worldalzheimersday #porteahopekasha #porteamilaap

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Sreedevi Madhavan manages the content at Portea. She has 6 years of experience writing and managing medical content relevant to the patient and physician community. She also writes blogs for self-development, a handiwork of which can be seen at: Sreedevi’s motto in life is “Keep learning, as learning keeps us young and dreams keep us alive.”


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