Soup or fruit smoothies – What should you be consuming during winters?

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2017)

With winter just around the corner, it does not only mark the beginning of the holiday season, but also the time of the year when your wardrobe transforms from light summery pastels to bright coloured sweaters and leg warmers. But does this also mean you have to stop enjoying your cold refreshing summer smoothies and resort to warm winter soups for comfort and a healthy diet? Well, not necessarily so!

While soups are a great alternative to smoothies during the winter season, there are some exceptionally great recipes of warm smoothies that you can resort to as well! But, when the age old question of either or comes into consideration, make a choice according to your preference and liking!

This is because both soups and fruit smoothies are delicious as well as packed with nutrients, which will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. While the older members of your family will recommend that you resort to healthy and warm soups during the cold months, which is never a bad idea, you can still stick to smoothies if you want. Just try new recipes that will allow you to consume them warm, because no one wants to hit the sack with fever with holidays round the corner, right!


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