8 Amazing Tips to Get Relief from Joint Pain this Winter

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2017)

As winter sets in the city, people with arthritis are bracing themselves for joint pain. The sad fact is, those with arthritis experience worsening of symptoms with changing weather conditions.


With plummeting temperatures, our body limits the amount of blood it sends to organ extremities such as those of hand and feet so that relatively greater quantity of blood can flow into the heart and lungs. The agonizing joint pain is often the direct result of this less than usual blood supply. There is corroborative research evidence from Tufts University, which suggests that the cold season can bring about painful changes in joint fluid thickness. A few other studies have also found a strong relationship between short, wet and cold days and arthritis flare-ups.

A section of the scientific community believes that pain in winter is often linked to barometric pressure. Barometric pressure is the pressure exerted by the weight of the atmosphere. In winter, there is a reduction in the pressure exerted by the air around us. This drop in pressure can cause the tissues around the joints to swell and  put pressure on nerves that control pain signals.

Another important fact is that winter and wet weather conditions can make it all the more difficult to manage the pain symptoms. Here are a few tips and techniques, which can help you to cope with joints that pain:

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Sreedevi Madhavan manages the content at Portea. She has 6 years of experience writing and managing medical content relevant to the patient and physician community. She also writes blogs for self-development, a handiwork of which can be seen at: www.sreedevi96.blog Sreedevi’s motto in life is “Keep learning, as learning keeps us young and dreams keep us alive.”


  1. Hi, Shreedevi.
    Not me but my father has been facing the joints pain. He has problem in his finger so he can not move his finger and can not even write because he is a poet. I know how it feels. Would be seeking your information.

  2. Body pains like knee pain, legs pain etc. have a number of different causes of these. Whatever the cause, exercise, and keeping a healthy weight can reduce symptoms. Getting ourselves to do it anyway and Research shows that regular exercise helps to reduce the chronic inflammation associated with arthritis and can even increase your pain tolerance and you prove that in this article. Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

  3. im a pro dancer ill tell u how to get releive from knee pains!
    1Red chillies wrk wonders against arthritis. google it!
    2 Green tea works like magic!
    3 Apply ice after after every wrkout nd quickly after an injury.
    4Chicken bone marrow soup.Coz guess wat is made of bone marrow.
    5 Dont drink water while standing up.
    6Hot therapy after 48hours of injury.
    7I use accupunture sandals nowadays it helps as well.
    It helps blood to reach the damaged blood vessels.

  4. dear sir,
    whatever is said is happening to me. i was so worried about my joint pains. it is so severe that i cant move sometime specially going washroom. is there any medicine or cure??? plz tell me and prescribe medicine. i wilk remain gratefull for your kindness.
    samson gonmei

  5. Helpful tips Sreedevi! I am always suffering from Nausea when travelling because of my motion sickness. I always keep orange peels or candy mint but it is really hard so I have no choice but to let it out. On my next trip, I will try to follow your ginger tip; this might help me avoid nausea. Will, https://www.locumtenens.org/


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