Caring for a Patient Recuperating from Total Knee Surgery

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

Did someone in your family recently undergo knee surgery? If you are thinking on the ways to give your loved one the best possible attention and care, this article is certainly for you. To learn how to do so, read on to know more.

Here are some tips for caring for a patient recuperating from a total knee surgery.

1. Help with the basic things

Usually, the first few days after the patient returns home can be very difficult. Your family member or friend is going to be tired and be in pain, and feel very frustrated with their incapacity to move on their own. They may also feel scared due to their inability to get around, which makes them feel like they lost their independence. During such times, you will be needed. They will need your assistance to do things such as sitting, standing and moving from one room to another. Your help may be required when they need basic grooming and going to the toilet. While you help with the basics, it is important to be calm and patient, and understand that what they are experiencing is new to them and they are frustrated with their current state.

2. Help with wound care and medications

It’s important to make sure all their medicines are given to them according to the prescription. When the nurse or doctor explains the prescription, try to be there and understand what medicines are required after the hospital stay. Some of your tasks in this regard would be to go buy the medicines, maintain a schedule for the medicines, and oversee and renew prescriptions from the drugstore. You will need to monitor and examine the wound—including swelling and inflammation, assist in changing the dressings, and collect other medical supplies, like bandages, as required.

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