5 Most Vital Health Tests for Women

Health tests for Women
(Last Updated On: August 18, 2017)

Health screening or health tests are vital part of life. A health screening or health check-up is a series of important tests that are set together to determine the potential health problems. It is an important step that can help you to keep a tab on your health issues in a simple way.

A woman’s well-being depends on various factors. Every woman should make time to go for routine check-ups as it helps to improve the quality of life. So which all heath check-up you should get done? Here’s a list of 5 vital health tests for all women.

Mammography and Breast Check-up

The risk of getting breast cancer increases in the age of 40 and above.  Mammography is a test for detecting breast cancer. It involves applying moderate compression to the breast to capture X-ray images. Mammography should be done once every two year after the age of 40.

Osteoporosis Test

Starting from the age of 65, women should start with their clinical test for osteoporosis. Women having a slender frame or a fractured bone have the risk of getting osteoporosis and should get their clinical test done earlier. It is also recommended for all postmenopausal women with fractures to have a DEXA scan (bone density test).

Colon Cancer Check-up

For women, the colon cancer check-up generally starts at the age of 50. The general testing includes flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy.  Sigmoidoscopy is a procedure where a camera and a lighted tube are inserted through anus to check the lower part of colon. Colonoscopy is a testing procedure where a longer tube is inserted to test the entire colon. A flexible sigmoidoscopy should be repeated every 5 to 10 years and colonoscopy should be repeated every 10 years unless and until a problem is found. 

Pap Smears and Pelvic Examination

Starting from the age of 21, every woman should get a pelvic test and pap smears test done every two years. These tests are done to determine the abnormalities in the reproductive system. Doctor can also detect sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) through these tests. During the Pap smear test, the doctor places a speculum inside your vagina to widen the vaginal canal. And then he uses a small tool to take cells from the cervix to detect any cell changes that can lead to cervical cancer.

Iron Deficiency Anemia Diagnosis

Research says that Iron Deficiency is more common in women as compared to men. The percentage of women having iron deficiency with anemia is increasing day by day. Anemia is generally caused by deficiency of iron.  It leads to severe skin pallor, fatigue, breathlessness, and heart palpitations.  It is recommended that starting from the age of 18; every woman should get an iron deficiency diagnosis done every year.

Health test

Every woman should develop healthy habits of doing regular exercise, maintaining the right kind of food diet and getting routine check-up done at regular intervals as it is really essential for a good and healthy life.

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