10 everyday things that are giving you breast cancer

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)

6. Contaminated Mascara – Recent studies have shown that some contaminated makeup products such as mascaras contain a known carcinogen called ‘cadmium’, which is a heavy metal. Studies show that cadmium fuels the growth of proteins that in turn help the breast cancer cells grow and spread throughout the body. The best way out of this is to check the components of the makeup products before buying them. If you do buy them, use a sponge to apply them instead of a brush.


7. Canned Foods – Canned foods might be one of the contributing factors behind breast cancer. Studies have discovered that the can liner in cans used to store the foods contains Bisphenol A, or BPA, which is a known hormone disruptor. A study found that female monkeys exposed to BPA during pregnancy gave birth to girls with dense breasts, a known risk factor behind breast cancer. Replace canned foods with fresh alternatives or frozen foods.


8. Pesticides – Pesticides are widely used in protecting crops from insects and pests. However, they in turn have found to be harmful to humans. Studies have shown that some pesticides contain chemicals that can accelerate the growth of cancer cells and can cause tumors in the breast. Eat organic food grown locally whenever possible. This will not only be good for the body but also for the environment in general.


9. Mold Cleaners – Recent studies have shown that women who regularly use bleach-based mold cleaners to clean their bathrooms and bathtubs are more likely to develop breast cancer than women who don’t. Ditch these chemical based cleaners and opt for home grown solutions such as baking soda and water.


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Sumbul is a dentist by profession and a marketer by choice. She has about 4 years of experience in marketing and a year of clinical experience. Previously, she was working with Witworks. She is a graduate from K.L.E. Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum. Driven by a mission to make a bigger impact in healthcare, she opted to work for Portea.


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