5 symptoms of Breast Cancer every woman should know

Breast Cancer Awareness
(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)

October is recognized as the breast cancer awareness month. Therefore, we bring to you 5 symptoms of breast cancer that one should never ignore.

Breast cancer grows out of breast tissue. There could be various reasons behind a woman getting affected by Breast Cancer. Few of them can be smoking, obesity, alcohol consumption, early age menstruation, not conceiving at all and family history.

Earlier, breast cancer was a taboo. People were too embarrassed to talk about it which lead to silence about the precautions and cures. Women chose to suffer in pain rather than opening about it. After advancement in surgery and increased cases of breast cancer in the country, it became important for the people to be aware about the disease, especially women. In early 1940s, campaigns related to awareness for breast cancer started to run. Later, a lot of feminist movements gave rise to Breast Cancer Movements spreading awareness about the disease, symptoms and treatment.


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