5 symptoms of Breast Cancer every woman should know

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)

Following are the symptoms one can experience if affected by this grave disease:

1. Discharge from the nipple

Liquid discharge from the breasts might be a risky sign. The discharge could be bloodlike or clear liquid. If a mother is not on her lactation period and is still discharging a milky liquid then, it is advisable to visit the doctor. It might or might not be a symptom of breast cancer.

2. Lump in the breasts

Swollen breasts or a clump in the breast, point towards breast cancer. If you have felt that with your breasts, don’t procrastinate and visit the doctor immediately.

3. Difference in the skin texture

Experiencing a change in the skin of the breast to orange peel-like structure and widened pores are major symptoms of having a breast cancer.


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