5 symptoms of Breast Cancer every woman should know

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)

To avoid getting into this serious situation take easy precautionary steps. Keep a check of your weight, follow a regular exercise routine if not that, be physically active. Breastfeeding for mothers can also reduce the chances of having a breast cancer; it is advisable to breastfeed for at least one year. Understand the history of your family, if women are found to be often diseased with breast cancer then you are at higher risk, consult a doctor to be aware and sure. Refrain from alcohol consumption. Smokers are likely to get affected by breast cancer, especially if started from an early age. High cholesterol levels and fat consumption are also one of the possible reasons to increase the risk.

While diagnosing, stages of a breast cancer are measured in the TNM system. T refers to Tumor and its size, N refers to the tumor reaching to the lymph Nodes and M in TNM refers to the situation, if the tumor has Metastasized or not.

Need of the hour is to be aware, save yourself, your near and dear ones from this difficult situation.

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