Don’t Just Feed But Breast Feed

Breast Feeding

World Breast Feeding week is observed every year from 1st – 7th of August. This year, we at Portea want to share with all the new mothers some healthy insights on breast feeding and why it is important for both the mother and baby.

Do you know how important is it to breastfeed your little one? Can you guess, how rich breastfeeding is nutritionally? Do you know breastfeeding can prevent your infant from so many ailments and adverse conditions? And, one last question, do you know how beneficial and essential is it for you?
Breastfeeding is nature’s blessing to you.

Roo (The Child)
A child’s safest place to hide is his/her mother’s lap. Breastfeeding is a natural way to prevent your child and yourself from so many uncalled situations. Infirmities like diarrhea, respiratory tracts infection, asthma and food allergies can be barred from affecting your child. May be this is why it is said that mother’s touch can heal even the deepest injuries. Breastfeeding connects you emotionally with the little one. It makes the bond even stronger.

Kanga (The Mother)
Giving birth to a child is one of the most precious days in a woman’s life. She is reborn with more love and responsibilities. It is important for both child and the mother to get familiar with each other’s touch. Breastfeeding keeps you both together for longer period of time. Not just Roo, Kanga also benefits from it. It helps in losing weight and better uterus shrinkage. It also decreases post-delivery depression and blood loss.

Important to Know
Under some circumstances, it is advisable that a mother doesn’t breastfeed. If you are on medication for tuberculosis, HIV, cancer or mood stabilizers then it is prescribed not to breastfeed as it can spread the disease to the offspring. Smoking and alcohol intake are hurdles for a mother who wants to breastfeed her child. However, it is wise to consult a doctor and avoid any discrepancy while breastfeeding.

Anyone can feed a child but it takes a mother to breastfeed with utter care and affection.

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Sreedevi Madhavan manages the content at Portea. She has 6 years of experience writing and managing medical content relevant to the patient and physician community. She also writes blogs for self-development, a handiwork of which can be seen at: Sreedevi’s motto in life is “Keep learning, as learning keeps us young and dreams keep us alive.”



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