Give The Gift Of Good Health To The Women In Your Life

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2017)

Women are unique. Their anatomy is unique, their behavior is unique, and their problems are unique, too. It is due to their distinct biological, social and behavioral conditions that the diseases and illness that affect them are different from the ones that affect men in more than one way.

Why Women Require Special Care? 

Even though women constitute an integral part of the family and society, the subject matter of a woman’s health almost always takes a backseat. As the chief caregiver of the family, a woman is busy taking care of every member of the family and in turn forgets to take care of herself.

While the health of the children in the family often finds preference over and above everything else, in many families, the health of the woman is generally neglected. And hence it becomes the responsibility of the rest of the people to take proper care of her.

The entire life-cycle of a woman is a turbulent ride. Right from inception in her mother’s womb to aging in later years, each stage of development affects her growth and health.

1Major impediments in women’s health care 

Though the gender gap in life expectancy- which was magnanimously lower for women a few decades ago- has narrowed considerably, yet there are many health related problems that women experience and fall prey to severe diseases with poor outcomes.

It is not just the biology of women that influences the maladies they suffer from but also, conditions such as employment, poverty, and above all family responsibility- that shape their health issues. Yet another major road block affecting women’s health lies in their under representation in research studies.

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