#MomStory: Finding Love All Over Again

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

She had planned for us, baby-mummy exercises, massages and skin to skin contact between my baby and I. This unraveled over the next few weeks. Holding my little one in my arms and gazing upon his face, now brought tears to my eyes but these were tears of joy. The feel of his skin against mine set things right in the world. Getting massages alongside my baby filled me with contentedness. The exercises helped me grow closer to my baby.

Soon my baby and I were inseparable, I was in love with my baby, all over again. I recommend Portea’s ‘Kanga and roo‘ service which is heaven sent and brings together two souls that truly belong together, one of the mummy’s and the other of her baby’s.

– Ankita, Bangalore

To avail post-natal services at home, call Portea. You can now download Portea’s mobile app to book a service.

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