Stepping into Motherhood – Why Postnatal Care is Important?

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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2017)

Motherhood is one of the best periods of a woman’s life but at the same time also one of the most difficult ones.  While mothers are given way more care during the nine months of pregnancy and during pregnancy, postnatal care often gets less focus. However, post pregnancy care is equally important. A woman goes through drastic physical as well as mental changes and adequate care is important to cope up with the same while managing the care of the new born. Here’s when Portea’s Kanga & Roo care service come in the picture. Our New Born Baby & Mother care service is designed to support new mothers and babies. This service focuses at both mother and baby care.

What is Postnatal Care?

After delivering a baby, the mother goes through various physical and emotional changes. Post natal care ensures a smooth transition for the mother to normal life. New mothers are supported towards rebuilding their strength and this includes helping them with adequate nutrition, sleep and physical care. Besides, postnatal care includes baby care as well along with close monitoring of the newborn’s health.

Why Portea’s Kanga & Roo Care service?

Portea’s Kanga & Roo care service can be broadly defined as a long term post natal care that smoothes family life and reduces work load. Through this service, a family is supported with both mother and baby care.

Baby Care:

  • Portea caretaker spends time with the baby
  • Takes care of the baby’s bath and hygiene
  • Manages baby’s laundry
  • Monitors and manages baby’s feeding

Mother Care:

  • Supports medical care as prescribed by the doctor or nurse
  • Offers massage for regaining physical firmness and strength
  • Helps with post pregnancy exercises
  • Offers lactation support
  • Ensures perineum care

What’s more – Doctor’s Visit & Consultation?

Through our Kanga & Roo care service we try our best to smoothen the life of both mother and baby. Doctor’s visit or call is available during the first week to assess family requirements. Besides,   doctor is available for telephonic support whenever required during the care program.

Motherhood is beautiful and Portea’s Kanga & Roo care service makes it easy too.

Now move from Surviving to Thriving with Portea! To know more about our Kanga & Roo care service, call us at 1800 121 2323.



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