Today She is Everywhere

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(Last Updated On: September 27, 2017)

A father and his son are in a car accident. The father dies instantly, and the son is taken to the nearest hospital. The doctor comes in and exclaims “I can’t operate on this boy.”

“Why not?” the nurse asks

“Because he’s my son,” the doctor responds. (Source) 

This is one of the popular riddles on doctors and surgeons being always associated to a man. It is a riddle because people fail to understand or rather finds it difficult to accept immediately that the doctor or surgeon can be the boy’s mother, a female.

However, times are changing; from women being housewives to women centric jobs and today sharing an equal hand in all the sectors. Today she is everywhere.

Fortune recently reported 5 professions that have shifted from majority male to majority female in the last few decades including Pharmacists, Accountants, Physician Assistants, Photographers and Bartenders. (Source)

Today, we are no longer surprised when we go to an event and find the videographer to be a woman nor do we find it unreal when we board a flight and the pilot introduced is a lady. The trend change is visible everywhere. Indian movies industry is witnessing a change in the trend with strong women characters. Television too is visualizing a woman beyond the household. We get to watch woman characters who are IAS officers, dentists, business women and more. Women seem to perform equally well in action based reality shows too. This change is the reflection of the reality because, today, she is everywhere.

Women students at the IITs and IIMs have almost doubled to 11% in last five years (Source). Also, with successful entrepreneurs like Meena Ganesh, Richa Kar and Asha Gupta, India is definitely witnessing women empowerment. This change however doesn’t detach her from being a mother, a sister, a wife and a friend. She is equally strong in all the roles she plays.

At Portea, she is a CEO, she is a doctor, she is a physio, she is a nurse, she is a sales professional, she is a marketing head, she is a techie, she is a designer and yes, she is everywhere.

We are proud to celebrate international women’s day with all our employees and customers. Happy Women’s Day ladies!

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Note: This is not a gender biased post. It is just a celebration of women for holding strong in every role.


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